What is it and how it works?

Mobile Friendly Restaurant Website,  Online Ordering POS, & Online Marketing

How the online restaurant store works?

Working with Global Food Online Ordering System gives you the ability to appear on top of search engines and get more traffic to your website. We start by creating your “own” mobile friendly website following your colors, themes, logo, etc.. During the creation of the website we also work on Search Engine Optimization standards and techniques, in parallel, so we put your website on track. SEO standrads include but not limited to:

  • choosing the right keywords and use them for both Title and Description meta tags.
  • Google and Bing webmaster submission
  • Scheme design and generation for websites
  • Social media integration.
  • and other factors.

On the same website, we then add the web online ordering menu from which customers and web visitors can order online.  please see live demo for one of our clients.

Think of it as if someone walked into your restaurant “physically” and placed an order.

Restaurant Online Ordering System

Through your main channel, Restaurant Mobile Friendly Website, customers will visit and place orders and you will get these orders in real time showing on the Tablet POS. The following shows a series of action upon submitting the order online:

  • The restaurant will get a sound notification to accept or reject the order.
  • You can view the order details before accepting or rejecting.
    • Details include: Customer’s name, phone number, order details, delivery or pickup, and the delivery zone and distance and how long to get to destination.
  • Upon accepting, the system will ask you how long it takes to deliver or prepare the food. you could type 20 min, or 30 min etc..
  • once accepted, a receipt will be printed with customer’s info order details.
  • Email confirmation will be sent to you and to any email you choose. for example, a delivery driver notifying him for a delivery.
  • Email confirmation will be sent to the customer and also the customer will be asked to share your website and ordering menu on all social media.