Online Ordering System

Web Online Ordering

website-ordering-example copyGive your customers the ability to order directly from your website rather than using a take away online ordering system that lists you among competitors and takes commission on all of your orders! It’s the time to save money and increase revenue.


Creative Mobile Friendly Online Menu

Show off your menu to customers by making it more delicious with pre-loaded professional pictures and design. The ordering menu supports over 20 languages and you can also choose the default language of your own.

 Display Meal customization and Toppings

The menu offers variety of menu item customization such as add more toppings, select size, etc.. So customers can personalize their own online food order




All in One page Checkoutcheckout

The menu is super flexible with it’s unique design as customers won’t be taken to multiple pages to checkout. Instead, customers finish the
online order after they quickly fill-out all of their information and delivery details.

Delivery Zones

You can set your own delivery zones with your own set fees or minimum order setting. The best of all is that all the money you collect is totally yours and we don not take a penny.



Facebook Online Ordering

A Click of a Button Facebook Ordering

Offer Online Ordering Menu on your Facebook page by adding the online ordering button app.

Direct Facebook Online Ordering

After clicking on “See menu and Order” customers will be taken to the Facebook Ordering app without leaving your Facebook page. All from one location they can Like and Order.